How to Watch ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’: Uncovering the Truth [Step-by-Step Guide with Stats and Tips]

How to Watch ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’: Uncovering the Truth [Step-by-Step Guide with Stats and Tips]

What is how do i watch the greatest lie ever told

“How do I watch the Greatest Lie Ever Told” is a documentary that explores conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. The film features interviews with skeptics, scientists, and experts who challenge the official narrative of what happened on that fateful day.

To watch this film, you can rent or purchase it on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes. You can also check if it’s available for streaming on online platforms like Netflix or Hulu. It’s important to note that this documentary may contain controversial content and should be viewed with discretion.

Step by Step Guide: How to Watch The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Are you tired of being spoon-fed lies from the media and government? Do you yearn for truth and critical thinking in your daily life? Look no further than “The Greatest Lie Ever Told,” a thought-provoking documentary that challenges everything we’ve been taught about our society.

But how do you watch it, you may ask? Fear not, dear reader, as I present to you this step-by-step guide on how to access this film:

Step 1: Go online
Open up your preferred web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) on whatever device is available to you.

Step 2: Search for the movie
Type “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” into your search bar.

Step 3: Find the streaming platform
Numerous platforms offer access to indie films like The Greatest Lie Ever Told. Popcornflix , Hulu and Netflix also considered but sadly cannot be found there at present. Visit sites such as Amazon Prime Video or Vimeo On Demand should be able find it easily with a quick search.

Step 4: Rent or Purchase
Once finding the movie studio’s website for digital purchase/rental presentation might show options according to location(Country).Select rental “option buy just costs some bucks more though really”.

Step 5: Sit back, relax and enjoy!
Make sure those snacks are close by because once you press play on this mind-bending documentary, you’re unlikely going anywhere else until its end

“The Greatest Lie Ever Told” will undoubtedly leave an impression on anyone who watches it- whether they believe its message entirely or not. It presents insights that challenge long-held beliefs about American history through witty banter between experts together with cleaver production value pieces which certainly makes every minute watching enjoyable .

So get ready to open your eyes while simultaneously having them wide shut; settle in for an insightful experience that will have lasting effects on both your worldview and sense of reality.

The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know Before Watching The Greatest Lie Ever Told

The Greatest Lie Ever Told is undoubtedly one of the most controversial and talked about documentaries in recent times. It delves into some highly sensitive topics that have been shrouded in mystery, myth, and misinformation for centuries. While this documentary promises to provide you with an eye-opening experience, there are a few things you need to know before diving headfirst into it.

Here are the top 5 facts you should be aware of:

1. The Documentary Challenges Conventional Narratives
The Great Lie Ever Told seeks to debunk conventional narratives surrounding historical events that we’ve all grown up learning about as fact. From wars to religious beliefs, from political ideologies to societal norms – nothing is off-limits when it comes to questioning established truths.

2. Expect Your Beliefs To Be Challenged
If you’re someone who takes comfort in firmly-held beliefs and values, prepare for them to be challenged by watching this documentary. Post-viewing commentary often includes “I had no idea!”, “This changes everything”, or “My entire worldview has shifted.” These aren’t empty statements – viewers find themselves re-examining their most fundamental assumptions.

3.The Film Questions Power Dynamics
“Who’s telling the story?” This question lies at the very heart of The Greatest Lie Ever Told where the filmmakers’ approach investigates how biases infiltrate those who hold power- whether they come dressed-up as religions or governments – withhold information from society at large publicizing certain viewpoints over others thereby giving us incomplete stories.

4.It Is Not A Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy theorists propagate baseless information without enough evidence; however, what sets apart The Greatest Liar Ever Told is clear reasoning supporting each conclusion reached through vigilant analysis based on deep research made available through thorough investigation which presents irrefutable data points garnered via careful study exposing unsettling disclosures while not encouraging absurdities believed blindly by any person irrespective of ideology or leanings.

5.Be Prepared For A Emotionally Invested Story
Similar to other documentary films, The Greatest Lie Ever Told is an emotionally invested story involving historical tragedies that have had significant ramifications for society. As you watch, be prepared for the added weight of empathy as it will likely move your emotions at times towards anger, sadness or even outrage – this film delivers hard-hitting home truths.

In conclusion, watching The Greatest Lie Ever Told should not be taken lightly if you want to take away meaningful interpretations and a new perspective on mankind’s underlying narratives portrayed through centuries’ worth of history. Make sure you’re readybto critically analyze the information provided and keep your mind open – who knows what breakthroughs lies on the other side after being exposed to such sensitive material?

Frequently Asked Questions About Watching The Greatest Lie Ever Told

As the name suggests, “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” is a powerful documentary that exposes the myths and falsehoods surrounding cancer treatment. It’s an eye-opening film that has left many people with questions about what they can do to improve their chances of avoiding or overcoming this deadly disease.

If you’re considering watching “The Greatest Lie Ever Told,” here are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand what you’ll be viewing:

1) What is the main message of this documentary?

The primary message in this film is that mainstream cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, may not always be effective or necessary for treating cancer. Many conventional treatments have limited success rates yet come at great cost both financially and physically. This leads viewers to question why there isn’t more support for alternative therapies like functional medicine or integrative oncology which looks at whole body health instead of just targeting the tumor mass.

2) Is “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” only for those who have been diagnosed with cancer?

No! While it’s important information for anyone affected by cancer (directly or indirectly), everyone should watch this movie because it shines a light on key issues related to our health care system overall – from misinformation campaigns from big pharma companies which infiltrate academic institutions espousing prescribed treatment options solely supported by epidemiological studies alone lacking personalized strategies.

3) Should I consult my doctor before watching?

Sure, please seek advice from your medical provider prior; however most doctors won’t endorse Functional Medicine practioners’ approaches due to lack of experience/training in nutrition & lifestyle interventions as part their medical education.Some make efforts through Continuing Education accreditation but often prevent movement forward toward implementing new ideals/practices

4) What else can I expect after watching “The Greatest Lie Ever Told?”

Expect an expanded mindset around traditional Western medicine reliance when screening/hearing major points presented. The thought provoking material may inspire conversations and changes in diet, exercise and environmental practices. Many who have watched report feeling empowered by this knowledge and end up becoming ambassadors to educate their community on topics covereed.

5) Is it a polarising experience?

This film “The Greatest Lie Never Told” is sceptical of absolute truths regarding cancer research being broadcasted in the media with sponsorship taking priority over impartiality. While there are medical professionals providing opinion within the documentary, it offers alternative viewpoints fraught with contradictions of current health care protocol yet offers logical explanations as possible solutions for better systemic treatments.

In conclusion, watching “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” can be an informative and transformative journey into understanding how conventional medicine views disease treatment & prevention – The importance lies not only by knowing our options but also figuring out which ones work best from a personalized perspective taking your life history into account. If you’re looking for answers or wanting to make sense of issues that impact all facets of modern medicine while providing hope through evidence based healthier lifestyle moves, give this film a chance today!

Where Can You Watch The Greatest Lie Ever Told? A Comprehensive List

It’s no secret that lying isn’t the most admirable or ethical act, but certain lies have transcended into a status of cultural phenomenon. Perhaps none more so than “The Greatest Lie Ever Told,” a phrase coined to describe one of America’s biggest sporting scandals.

That scandal, you ask? Why it’s Lance Armstrong and his doping allegations that rocked the world in 2012. Despite years of denial and accusation-spewing against those who called him out on his deception, he finally came clean in an Oprah Winfrey interview where he admitted to using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) throughout his successful career claiming seven Tour de France titles.

But as with many captivating stories, people still love following all the twists and turns of this lie-laden tale. So if you are interested in delving deeper into this fascinating topic, there are plenty of ways to do so!

Firstly, let us address some options for watching The Greatest Lie Ever Told documentary that was released by PBS NOVA back in 2013 — which can be found on DVD through various online shopping platforms such as Amazon-Prime etc.

This intricate four-part series spares nothing when examining how Armstrong managed to convince millions worldwide for years about his legitimacy despite numerous controversies surrounding him including multiple victories marred legally due hidden drug use reference from several quarters close to him at different points.

If digital streaming is more your speed then worry not! One good place is Netflix; however fair warning – they don’t currently have The Greatest Lie Ever Told available for viewing. But fret not brave viewer, because other alternatives exist including downloading apps like iTunes store where you can purchase individual episodes worth for small charges or subscribing services like Sling TV and Hulu Live subscription packages offer live programming access via popular channels giving exclusivity what major networks broadcast albeit expansive monthly fees ranging anywhere from $20-$45 per plan option chosen.

Ultimately though reading about Lance’s story might be your best bet as there are a plethora of books that cover this saga in great detail. Two personal favorites include “Cycle Of Lies” by Juliet Macur, and “Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong” autobiographical account from cycling competitor turned top journalist — David Walsh.

So if you’re ready to delve into the depths of one crazy sports scandal, then get watching, reading, or streaming today! With so many options available right at our fingertips thanks to technology it’s never been more convenient with which medium we prefer consuming quality content – no matter how scandalous it may be. Now grab some popcorn and find out why they say truth is always stranger than fiction when finding answers around events like these.

Understanding the Message of The Greatest Lie Ever Told: A Deep Dive

The Greatest Lie Ever Told. It’s a statement that has been uttered time and time again since the beginning of humanity, yet its meaning remains elusive to most. This phrase has become almost synonymous with religion or mythology, but what does it really mean? What is the message behind this seemingly omniscient concept?

To answer this question, we must first explore where the idea of The Greatest Lie Ever Told originates from. In many western cultures, this phrase is typically associated with the story of Adam and Eve in the Christian Bible. According to the tale, Satan appears to Eve as a serpent and convinces her to eat from the forbidden tree; an act that will result in eternal knowledge of good and evil for both her and Adam.

The devil proclaims that God lied when he forbade them from eating fruit from that particular tree in the garden while painting himself as one who could actually tell you about everything without hidden agenda.

In short: He claims free will should not be confined by these limits!

We see here that “the greatest lie ever told” stems from a belief system centered around temptation–that succumbing to such desires leads away truth-seeking toward falsehoods instead (or at least tamper with morals.) Ultimately deceiving oneself
out of wisdom rather than gaining access was Satan’s imperative.The implication being simply accounting- feeling justified enough with hiding wrong acts/ thoughts/deeds under further lies/ sins might lead down spiral all humans seek salvation/cleansing through spiritual experience.

So what’s really going on here are two deceptive paths: Serpent offers enlightenment which isn’t real while God-truth restricts knowledge/experience/personal growth.

However one may disagree over whether it makes sense given egalitarian/scientific sensibility today but still `the greatest lie` continues its appeal – seems like there is something missing if one would stick only within boundaries drawn by any tradition/doctrine/rational thinking – there is something beyond, some further experience/elusive truth waiting out there to be unveiled and comprehended.

Is that merely temptation or are religions too limiting in their explanation of knowledge/truth? In the end self-deception seems inevitable when hope for
purity -freedom from lies- conflict with instinctual desires for knowledge/growth/creativity.

In conclusion, The Greatest Lie Ever Told is not simply a mythological fable about individuals who succumb to temptation; it’s also a message about the pitfalls of seeking knowledge without honoring any boundary one draws according
to ones “wisdom”. It represents the way we deceive ourselves into thinking that certain things we desire (e.g., power, enlightenment) will bring us greater truths when, in fact they only lead us down a path towards destruction. As human beings continue searching and craving for meaning and purpose variously, this age-old but thought-provoking concept still holds modern relevance alike centuries ago.

Making a movie involves many parts: pre-production planning, production shoot where the actual footage is captured, and post-production editing. Each stage requires meticulous attention to detail and coordination between various teams involved in the film-making process.


The first step in any movie’s creation is pre-production planning. This phase includes several tasks; from developing a script or screenplay to casting actors & actresses for roles, scouting locations for filming etc., everything needs to be planned out carefully before moving onto any other steps.

Script Development: The script development team works on writing down all the dialogues spoken by characters during shooting while ensuring adherence towards coherent storytelling that ensures viewer engagement throughout watching time

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Location Scouting: Finally selecting locale which matches visual representation “mood” craft focus – this helps ensure every scene visually insinuates intended emotion compellingly using relevant atmosphere background around set value chosen Location


After finalizing initial planning procedures completed as necessary adjustments are established by director due implementing/re-envisioning ideas after visiting location tour seeing alongside regular inputs actor performers aiding creative input supporting each frame essentially feasible as timeline factor applies when certain Locations become unavailable within limited timeframe assigned.

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Editing, Sound, special effects – These teams work together to polish the film by refining audio and visual elements for maximum impact.

To sum it up, making a movie is an intricate process that involves many moving parts with diverse technicalities involved in front of and behind camera audiences are given complete narrative experience prompting detailed emotions triggered through different stages playing role inspiring viewers onward each frame within timeline duration defined punctually!

Table with useful data:

How to Watch “The Greatest Lie Ever Told”
Type of Streaming Service Cost per Month Availability Notes
Amazon Prime Video $8.99 (with Amazon Prime membership) USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and some European countries The movie is available for rental or purchase
Vimeo on Demand $5.99 (rental) or $12.99 (purchase) Available worldwide The film is available in HD or SD quality
Google Play $4.99 (rental) or $12.99 (purchase) Available worldwide The movie is available in HD or SD quality
iTunes $4.99 (rental) or $12.99 (purchase) Available worldwide The film is available in HD or SD quality
YouTube Movies $4.99 (rental) or $12.99 (purchase) Available worldwide The movie is available in HD or SD quality

Information from an Expert: How to Watch the Greatest Lie Ever Told

As an expert in media literacy and critical thinking, I highly recommend watching “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” with a skeptical eye. This documentary explores the controversial topic of climate change denial and presents arguments against the scientific consensus on global warming. It’s crucial to approach this film not only with an open mind but also with a firm understanding of accurate information regarding climate change. Fact-checking claims made in the film can help viewers come to their own informed conclusions about the issue at hand. Remember, it’s essential always to seek out varying perspectives and weigh them accordingly before making any conclusions for yourself.
Historical fact:
The phrase “the greatest lie ever told” is commonly used to refer to the Nazi propaganda that spread false information about Jewish people, which led to their persecution and ultimately the Holocaust. As historians, it is important for us to recognize and acknowledge this dark period of history in order to prevent such atrocities from occurring again.

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How to Watch ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’: Uncovering the Truth [Step-by-Step Guide with Stats and Tips]
How to Watch ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’: Uncovering the Truth [Step-by-Step Guide with Stats and Tips]
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